Ep. 40 – Unscripted With Donald J. Trump

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Ep. 40 – Unscripted With Donald J. Trump – In his interview with UNSCRIPTED, the Spanish artist and designer recalled his youthful endeavors, his love for all things musical and his desire to understand the world armed with a pencil.

“When you are born, you start breathing. Equally creative. You were born with initiative. If you don’t have creativity, you can’t live. Creativity is within us. It’s like breathing.”

Ep. 40 – Unscripted With Donald J. Trump

Ep. 40 - Unscripted With Donald J. Trump

Creator of images, products and spaces, Javier Mariscal’s unique idiosyncratic, colorful and installation style has always been a reflection of the spirit of the Mediterranean region he calls home. Born and raised with his siblings in the city of Valencia on the southeast coast of Spain in the 1950s, the multidisciplinary artist and designer describes his family as completely “bourgeois” at the beginning of his UNWRITTEN interview. In his early years, Mariscal – or “Chavi” as he is known by many – struggled with dyslexia, which severely limited his ability to read books, especially the novels of the French author. of Jules Verne, as the brothers did. Instead, he found comfort in the act of putting pencil to paper to describe every detail of the world he knew—from the color of his sister’s hair to the shape of an Italian coffee.

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Perhaps most dearly, he maintains this love for his art even today, saying, “Sometimes when I draw, I stop and think – Wow! People pay me to be happy.” In fact, his first attempts at his current job came at school, when students called him to write – despite his confession of lack of skill. “But everyone was happy – my pictures are awesome.”, he noted with pleasure. “Then one day someone said, ‘I’m going to pay you for these pictures!’ — to which he remembered her jokingly replying, “Are you sure?”

Mariscal enrolled in ELISAVA in Barcelona in the early 1970s and immersed himself in comedy, painting, drawing and sculpture, later moving to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, where he lived until in 1976. published. more experienced as a graphic designer and graphic designer, he moved to product and interior design after collaborating with the architect Fernando Salas in the center of the (now defunct) music bar Duplex in Valencia.

This first attempt at creating spaces and objects opened many doors for Mariscal, who started many other projects in the same context, eventually attracting the attention of a one but Ettore Sottsaas – who invited him to Milan to contribute to the Legacy of Memphis. The group’s first collection. “Memphis for me is like – Wow! They are like brothers. But Ettore is more like a father, a maestro,” he remembered with pleasure. International recognition followed after he founded Estudio Mariscal in Barcelona in 1989, inspired by his unique memory. design for

Magazine, Ikea Restaurante Vitoria and H&M catapulted him to the front of the Spanish brand for the next twenty years. This rise to fame eventually led to his partnership with writer and director Fernando Trueb.

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Is a 2010 Spanish film that was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 84th Academy Awards. The film was based on his love of music, especially Cuban jazz from the 1940s and 1950s, with an album composed by the Cuban pianist, conductor and composer Bebo Valdés. Mariscal said he would turn his right hand into a musician, saying: “Music is the best. Always. Because it doesn’t come straight from your hands until you touch yours.” ears, your heart and your skin.”

In his 40-year career, the uniqueness of this unique design has been shown by the many details, colors and colors, shown in a limited number of games, full of excitement and the rich heritage of cities that There are two Mediterranean. it was the scene of his life. In his spare time, Mariscal likes to work with plants, says he has a “very good relationship” with them, and generally likes to be surrounded by gardens – whether at home or in his room.

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Ep. 40 - Unscripted With Donald J. Trump

Directed by Pramiti Madhavji (Consultant, Consultant, STIR), UNSCRIPTED is STIR’s first series of fast-paced and professional video interviews brought to us a view that has not been shown in their lives. A melting pot of research, exploration and weirdness, this series features something new every Sunday where designers reveal unheard and unheard-of parts of their lives in response to questions that 30.

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Jerry’s work as a writer is driven by an innate desire to identify the driving forces behind design and design. A trained artist, he directs his interest in creating stunning stories that try to capture the essence of creative endeavors from around the world.

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Ep. 40 - Unscripted With Donald J. Trump

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Ep. 40 - Unscripted With Donald J. Trump

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“The most difficult thing in design is to keep the balance between all the parts. It’s like nature. A flower is a perfect machine on the one hand, but it’s also beautiful.”

Matteo Nunziati knew his passion for crafts and creativity from his youth, as he likes to say in his UNSCRIPT interview for STIR. Copying a comic book on a family vacation at the age of 11 proved to be his eureka, or the beginning of a career. Some moments and things of interest, which he revealed in his exclusive video interview for STIR, mark the meaning of luxury today for the Italian brand, which has been able to carve a place in a high level thanks to his international work in general. . end products and interior designs for residential and hospitality projects.

He was born and raised in Milan, the city of his love and communication at the same time. He took his design cues from the greats: Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Giovanni “Gio” Ponti. “I think the big lesson is to be innovative but (also) remember the traditions,” said the 40-year-old, who appreciates the rich history and culture of Italian because of its minimalist but powerful design philosophy. and the extreme avoidance of following trends or commercialism.

Nunziati, who trained as an artist and later discovered his passion for products and interior design, considers himself a travel enthusiast as he ponders where to go next and can’t. then went on a plane since Italy he found himself in solitude. “The feeling you get when you can travel is amazing,” he said. But when you’re under creative block, it’s an extra boost for limited time and a desire to do it compared to relaxing in special places.

Unscripted With Javier Mariscal: Understanding The World, A Drawing At A Time