En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa

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En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa – Below in this space you will find a selection of phrases and quotes about the sea. Related Concepts: 100 Best Life Quotes, 150 Travel, Travelers and Travel Quotes and Sayings, Sunset and Sunset Quotes and Sayings, Landscape and Panorama Quotes and Sayings and Stars Quotes and Sayings

In landlocked cities… who knows who people turn to for balance… maybe on the moon…

En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa

En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa

When my thoughts are restless, restless and bad, I go to the shore of the sea, and the sea drowns them and drives them away with its great wide sounds, cleans it with its noise and sets a rhythm to everything that is in me. confused. “

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You can’t be unhappy when you have this: the sea breeze, the sand under your feet, the air, the breeze.

Because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the sea tries to kiss the beach every time I put it on the road.

I did not measure life in years, but in roads, bridges, mountains and kilometers that separate me from the sea.

Life at sea is different. It consists not of hours, but of moments. Man lives according to the ebb and flow of the sun.

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He saw the sea for the first time in his life. It was as dark as a dream and as deep as suffering. A pleasant smell of seaweed wafted from the cool breeze

No house should exist without a sea view. All houses must belong to the wind and the waves. The sea and the house must live opposite each other to trust their secrets.

The three main sounds of nature are the sound of rain, the sound of the wind in the old forest, and the sound of the ocean on the beach.

En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa

Swimming gestures are more like flying. The sea gives to the wings what the air offers to the wings. A swimmer swims down the abyss.

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Look at the sea at night, as a sleeping mother looks. Pay attention to each breath. Learn to listen to that spirit that seems to say, “Be open to things and dream.”

When you are emotionally fragile, it is enough to look at the panorama, listen to the sound of the sea and remember the faces of the people with whom we were a few minutes ago.

For me, the sea is a person, like a child, whom I have known for a long time. It sounds crazy, I know, but when I’m swimming in the sea, I talk to him. I never feel alone in this infinity.

For me, the sea has always been a confidant, a friend who absorbs everything that is said to him without revealing a trusted secret and gives the best advice – a noise, the meaning of which everyone interprets as best he can.

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I asked myself so many questions that I went to live by the heroic and synchronous sea and threw the answers into the water so I wouldn’t fight anyone.

Few people can come and find you where you really are. That’s why I love the sound of waves. They always know where you are.

The sea is everything. It covers seven tenths of the earth’s surface. His breath is clean and healthy. It is a vast desert where man is never alone because he experiences life from all sides.

En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa

The vastness of the sky, the moving architecture of the clouds, the changing colors of the sea, the twinkling of the lighthouses, is a wonderful prism, suitable for distracting the eyes, never tiring.

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Where does the bottom of the sea begin? Or more. What do we mean by sea? Do we mean a giant monster that can swallow anything or a tidal wave that bubbles over our feet? Water in the cup of your hand or an abyss that no one can see? Do we say everything in one word or hide it in one word? Here I am, one step away from the sea, and I don’t even know where the sea is. God.

I wonder what is missing in life when the breath of the stars opens the windows on a summer night and the smell of the sea blows into you.

According to some legends, the sea is the abode of everything we lost, what we didn’t have, frustrated desires, pain, tears we shed.

The sea bewitches, the sea kills, moves, scares, even laughs, sometimes disappears, sometimes becomes a lake, or creates a storm, swallows ships, gives wealth, does not answer, is wise, sweet, strong. It is unpredictable. But above all, the sea calls.

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Every time I look at the sea, I open myself to the gifts of the air, and the colors, shapes and vibrations come in and out of my chest as easily as they go through a window.

I respect only three things in the world: the sea, Hamlet and Don Giovanni.

The sea is oblivion, song, lip; The sea is a loving, loyal response to desire.

En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa

But above all, the sea calls. You understand. That’s the only thing it does deep down: make a call. He never stops, he enters you, he throws himself into you, you are what he wants. You can hide it, there’s no point. He will continue to call you. This sea that you see and all others that you cannot see, but you always look patiently, one step beyond your life. You will hear them ringing tirelessly. It takes place in this sandy purgatory. This would happen in every heaven and every hell. Without explaining anything, where, the sea always calls you.

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When we leave the sea, we never leave it completely. Her light is hidden in her hair, the delicacy of her voice, the softness of her skin. It will take a few days before you lose it forever.

In summer, the hands of the wind move invisible threads in the air, which unite waves, hair, thoughts.

If our Earth’s oceans were to die, that is, life would suddenly disappear, it would be the worst, but also the most final, catastrophe in the troubled history of man and the other animals that share this planet with him. .

Fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm is terrible. But this does not prevent them from going to sea.

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If you want to build a ship, don’t start by looking for wood, cutting planks, or dividing the labor. Above all, it evokes in men and women a desire for the free and wide sea.

You get from the sea what it offers, not what we want. Our nets, traps, traps are in demand. The answer is not from us.

In winter, lie on the sea sand, open your arms to the sun and let your identity evaporate.

En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa

At the line where sea and sky meet, one tells the other to get out of their way, but neither does, and they form their horizon.

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The sea, ignoring equal rights, erases from the sand every trace that is not its own.

That’s how I got to the sea. God. It ends like everything, but look, here it happens partially, like twilight, it is difficult to isolate the idea, that is, to summarize kilometers and kilometers in one image of rocks, shores, beaches. , in the concept, which is the end of the sea, something that can be written in a few lines, which can be in an encyclopedia, so that later when people read it, they will understand that the sea ends.

The sea has such a power over the human soul as if it had a will. The sea can be charming; As nature in general can do. The sea is the path over water that intrepid travelers have chosen throughout history. Ancient cultures flourished on its banks, from where we can see their ruins and guess their lives today.

The sea has been a source of inspiration not only for poets, but also for scientists, historians, explorers, sportsmen and of course sailors. Its width, strength and abundance caused respect in man, it represented the deities of the oceans and seas.

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Below is a list of the best quotes about the sea from great authors such as Helen Keller, Vincent Van Gogh, Ovid, Khalil Gibran, Rabindranath Tagore, Jacques Yves Cousteau, Jules Verne and many others.

The sea will give everyone new hopes, and sleep will bring dreams home. – Christopher Columbus.

We think that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be smaller because of the lost milk. – Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

En El Mar La Vida Es Más Sabrosa

Every sea is affected by what happens to even a small stone. – Blaise Pascal:

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More beautiful than the science of wise elders and