Each Day Goes By And Each Night I Cry

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These poems are perfect for those returning from the North Pole! **Please note that this poem is my original writing and intellectual property! Please do not reuse this poem, ask someone else to remake it, change the poem, or rewrite it yourself. Thank you for respecting my creativity.

Each Day Goes By And Each Night I Cry

Each Day Goes By And Each Night I Cry

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Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Your Body

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Each Day Goes By And Each Night I Cry

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Why Does The Moon Rise Later Each Day?

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Each Day Goes By And Each Night I Cry

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We want you to have the perfect collection of wise words before bed, so you can get the best night’s sleep!

Prayers For The Sad Heart

These good night quotes are just what you need to sleep soundly with sweet dreams.

Ending your day with words of wisdom will ensure you’re on the right track when you open your eyes again.

These good night love quotes are for those who want to get their head straight before bed.

Each Day Goes By And Each Night I Cry

Even though the day was hard and we tried our best, we always deserve a rest.

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We hope you enjoy this collection of good night quotes and we hope it touches your inner conversation before sleep.

Below is our collection of inspirational, cute and funny good night quotes, good night messages and good night wishes collected from various sources over the years.

If you like this collection of quotes, read our most popular quotes articles on short inspirational quotes for daily motivation.

1. “Before you go to sleep, don’t forget to say thank you for everything that happened to you in the last 24 hours. I thank you now.” – unknown

Meaningful Goodnight Messages For Someone You Love • 7esl

2. “The long distance is near – the happiest night lasts till morning.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

3. “The night may be longer than the day when you sleep big. For people who achieve their dreams, the days are longer.” – unknown

4. “Give thanks before you go to sleep, what you think about now determines the state of your sleep.” – unknown

Each Day Goes By And Each Night I Cry

5. “He didn’t want any of those days to end, and was always in despair when he saw the face of darkness.” – unknown

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6. “Good night, good night!” Parting is such sweet sorrow that I will say goodbye till tomorrow night. ” – William Shakespeare

7. “The night wind blows through my hair and the gentle touch reminds me of your kisses. I hope I won’t miss you so much.” – unknown

8. “Although I love the stars shining in the night sky, I love the stars in your eyes more. When I fall asleep, I think about the stars I love and wait for me I’ll be with you again.” – unknown

9. “My idea of ​​a good night has always been good food and good conversation.” – Kirsty Gallagher

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10. “Go into that good night, but be angry, be angry with the dying light.” – Dylan Thomas

11. “I just want our night together to never end. I can’t bear it when we’re apart. Good night, my love.” – unknown

12. “Sleep Bella, I have sweet dreams. You’re the only one who captures my heart. It’ll be forever.” – Edward Cullen

Each Day Goes By And Each Night I Cry

13. “Don’t let the outside darkness or negativity affect you inside, just wait until the morning comes and the bright light covers the darkness. Today was hard, but tomorrow will be different.” – unknown

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14. “While you sleep, may every wish and goal come true. I just want you to get everything you want.” – unknown

15. “Music is love, love is music, music is life and I love my life. Thank you and good night.” – AJ McClain

16. “The sun is now out, but the moon dances with joy. Though the sun is too dark to see, the moon enjoys the night with you.” – unknown

17. “There’s something big, hot and mysterious. Before you get too many comments, you should know that I’m sending you a goodnight hug!” – Unknown

Top 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Sleeping Through The Night

18. “I think the best way to sleep at night is to work all day. If you work hard and of course exercise.” – William H. McRaven

19. “I prioritize in life. I like to work out, watch TV, and I do a lot of Iron Man workouts. I enjoy a good night out and drinking and hanging out with my friends. And keeping a balance.” – Joe Bastianch

20. “Tonight, I’d travel a thousand miles just to be with you, my love, I miss you.” – unknown

Each Day Goes By And Each Night I Cry

21. “They say that God pours his blessings on the earth every day, and I think I’ve found a man—it’s you!” Good night and I love you.” – Unknown

Elf Returning Printable Poem I’m Back Poem

22. “Thank God for all the good things that happened during the day and I wish you all the best

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