Dream Of Being A Passenger In An Airplane

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Dream Of Being A Passenger In An Airplane – Masked passengers board one of the first flights between Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Burgas, Bulgaria, since the suspension of Covid-19 in early 2020. Masks are very useful but can help reduce the chances of passengers getting sick (or infecting other passengers). HEPA air filters are used in most commercial aircraft.

The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us that access to clean air is a global priority. While industrial pollution has dominated headlines for decades, COVID-19 is bringing the conversation home. The quality of indoor air—how it flows, how well it allows germs to spread or disappear—can make the difference between staying healthy or getting infected. In indoor environments often cited as disease hotspots (churches, nursing homes, and cruise ships), airplane cabins are an area of ​​concern.

Dream Of Being A Passenger In An Airplane

Dream Of Being A Passenger In An Airplane

So the air inside a plane is surprisingly cleaner than you might think. Thanks to HEPA filters and proper recirculation on commercial planes, the air you breathe on an airplane—completely germ-free—is much cleaner than the air in restaurants, bars, stores, or even your best friend’s living room. You have no reason to fear the wind above.

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Most, but not all, commercial aircraft are equipped with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters. This means that in a HEPA-equipped aircraft, airflow “represents the quiet airflow of the operating room, with little or no disturbance from wind waves,” Dr. Jorn Becker of Lufthansa Airlines Group. Air is drawn into the room from the roof at a rate of about one yard per second and is then exhausted again under the window seats.

About 40% of cabin air is filtered by this HEPA system. The remaining 60% is fresh and imported. “Cabin air is changed on average every three minutes during flight,” Becker said. (Lufthansa has a video showing how HEPA filters work.)

Officially, HEPA-certified filters “block and absorb 99.97 percent of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns,” says air cleaning expert Tony Julian of RGF Environmental Group. The efficiency of these filters, perhaps indirectly, increases for smaller particles. So while the exhaled particles carrying SARS-CoV-2 are very small, HEPA filters can effectively remove most of the air.

A masked passenger stands on a flight between Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia in spring 2020. Mandatory face masking in flight is strictly enforced by some airlines.

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“Generally the number of particles in the air is so low, the plane is almost a clean room because there is so much air and there are very few sources of particle production inside the plane,” said Liam Bates, CEO and co-founder. Founder. Founder of Kaiterra, manufacturer of air quality monitors. [Airplanes] may be safer than other enclosed spaces.

HEPA filters are not available on older planes or smaller planes that have more efficient filtration systems. But even the best filters can’t detect every virus on board, and there are ways airlines, their crews and passengers can compromise their performance.

HEPA filtration promises 99.97 percent efficiency, and air traffic controllers rely on it. But according to Bates, the biggest problem with these systems is that “the filter only ensures the quality of the air that passes through it.” Those numbers don’t matter if the air you breathe doesn’t go through that filter.”

Dream Of Being A Passenger In An Airplane

This is why airline cabins need good passengers more than good filters. This means that everyone on board must wear a mask.

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This is due both to the proven protective properties of masks and the fact that HEPA filters and rapid air circulation do not work efficiently until the aircraft is airborne. This means that the time between landing and takeoff (or between takeoff and landing) means you’re more likely to inhale a cloud of air from someone infected with Covid-19. The rough, warm air you sometimes see when the plane is landing or moving indicates less circulation in those filters.

As with most technologies, “HEPA filters should be checked regularly and replaced as needed,” says Julien. For example, holes or sealing problems in filters reduce their efficiency. Each HEPA manufacturer recommends a maintenance schedule for their products, and many airlines change it regularly. Even if an airline changes filters less often than recommended, the International Air Transport Association says that the air movement through the filters may be reduced, but not the ability to trap particles. Contrary to what you might think, dirty filters work better than clean ones.

When we cough, sneeze, and talk, tiny (and sometimes visible) droplets of saliva come out of our mouths. Large ones fall quickly to the floor (or armrests) due to gravity, but small ones hang in the air. The science of SARS-CoV-2 is evolving, but now there is evidence that the virus is infectious within these droplets.

A worker wearing protective gear disinfects an Israel Airlines flight at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel on August 17, 2020.

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Always wearing a mask on an airplane traps some airborne saliva and the germs it carries. There is evidence that wearing a mask protects those around you and reduces your chances of getting the virus. Consider wearing a face mask when carrying a laptop: it reduces the chance of wind blowing and causing someone to get hit in the face with a damaging object.

In the US, there is no law requiring passengers to wear face masks. Each US airline has its own mask rules (here are the rules for American, Delta and United). There have been numerous reports of airlines overreacting (Delta prevented more than 100 rioters from evacuating and returning passengers to the gate to disembark), as well as ignoring or policing passengers. But there are also stories of people flying without masks (or improperly used masks) and flight attendants not enforcing the rules.

US airports and airlines are implementing new screening methods to prevent infected passengers from boarding flights. Others rely on the honesty and good behavior of passengers, such as airlines that require passengers to certify at check-in that they have had no symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Dream Of Being A Passenger In An Airplane

Even if everyone on the plane is honest, some passengers are at risk because about 40 percent of Covid patients are invisible, and many don’t show any symptoms at the onset of the disease. Some airlines, including Qatar Airways, make masks and face shields mandatory for passengers and crew. A mask protects others, and a face shield helps protect you (especially from getting germs in your eyes).

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Many screening measures show that airports and airlines are taking Covid-19 seriously, but experts say these measures are not always based on scientific facts. “Temperature testing of travelers gives us the impression that we are doing something concrete to prevent transmission, however, based on scientific data so far, it has not been successful in identifying patients with COVID-19 or reducing transmission,” said Dr. . Daniel. It won’t work. Fagboyi is an Obama appointee to the National Biosafety Science Board with experience managing pandemics. Checking temperatures with thermometer guns will fail in 30% of people with fever.

These random photos of the Ghost window seat will help change the view and encourage travelers to keep the shades open. In this photo, microbes illuminate the salt lakes of San Francisco Bay with bright colors.

These random photos of Ghost window seats help change the view and encourage passengers to keep the shades open. In this photo, microbes light up the salt ponds of San Francisco Bay with bright colors.

The biggest risk while flying is at the airport, boarding and take off/landing. People close to the house, perhaps not wearing a mask, can become infected. Keeping six feet (or more) of social distance when you get to the gate, get to a seat, or leave the screen is more important than anything else you can do (except cover your face).

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If you must fly, choose an airline that enforces its safety rules. At the very least, you’ll be less stressed about making the mask. As of mid-August 2020, Alaska Airlines appears to be more cautious than US airlines about using masks.

While Delta, Alaska, Hawaiian and JetBlue currently keep the middle seats empty, any protection from Covid will come from someone on board, not a stranger a few feet away from you. An MIT study published on August 18, 2020, found that leaving the middle seat empty on airplanes reduced passengers’ risk of contracting COVID-19 by 1.8 times, but was not peer-reviewed.

On the plane, minimize contact with certain surfaces and wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face (including a mask). However, he says flying in a HAZMAT suit is not necessary

Dream Of Being A Passenger In An Airplane