Do The Right Thing When No One Is Looking

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Do The Right Thing When No One Is Looking – A short motivational video about not looking for easy paths in life and kindness brings everyone around you.

There are many people who take shortcuts in life, robbing others of the rewards and rewards of hard work. But in doing so, they miss the lessons that come with earning. Don’t miss the journey of hard work and you can do more than you thought.

Do The Right Thing When No One Is Looking

Do The Right Thing When No One Is Looking

Be patient, do the right thing slowly, and let what you do flow. If you can’t wait and start stepping on others, there will come a point when they will fight back. If you do this, you will be excluded from everything valuable in the future.

Integrity Truly Matters

If you want opportunities in life, practice doing the right thing every day and work to be a better person.

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Do The Right Thing When No One Is Looking

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Not so. I have a 1952 book by Lewis in eBook format and I looked it up. He has the phrase “Steam enough to do the right thing. But…” on page 10. However, this is the only place in the book where this happens, and the entire sentence doesn’t appear at all.

Wikiquote, a great source for “What Joe Said,” lists this saying under misinterpretations and instead suggests a close version. Retrieved from page 22 of Journal of Clinical Psychology: Monograph Supplement, Issues 19-28, 1965 In. an unknown author.

Do The Right Thing Even When No One Is Looking Counseling

And as I said, the quote isn’t quite the same: “Honesty is doing the right thing, even when there’s no one else to judge.”

However, I always thought that this proverb was translated from the works of the medieval monk Thomas A. Kempis. And that’s the English “if you do something, pretend the whole world is watching” (although I’ve personally always wondered “as if God is watching”).

I had to think about it again today and thought I’d find out where exactly it’s written. So I checked out some e-books online – thanks to Project Gutenberg!

Do The Right Thing When No One Is Looking

Search with: “The Imitation of Christ”, “The Chronicle of the Canon of Mount St. Agnes”, “Reflecting on the Incarnation of Christ”, “The Little Rose Garden and the Valley of Lilies”, Doing Off Skidum for “St. Lidwin” and biography by Thomas A. Kempis, Sir Francis Richard Cruz. I’m no closer to finding the actual quote of doing the right thing even when no one is looking. School Counseling Office, Growth Mindset, Classroom Poster, School Decor, Anti-Bullying Poster

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Do the right thing even when no one is looking! The printable poster can be used in classroom, school office, school hallway, canteen, school counselor office, school counselor office, child therapist office, school psychologist office, social worker office, school social worker office or child psychologist office. This poster would be great for decorating a teenage or high school bedroom and can be used as inspirational art in classrooms for all ages! Makes great inspirational and suggestive art decorations. Bright, colorful, eye-catching graphics that will grab kids’ attention and remind them to always do the right thing! A great way to promote ethics and anti-bullying reminders in your classroom or school. Bright colors can be printed wonderfully!

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There’s No Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing

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