Did Christopher Columbus Have Intercourse With A Manatee

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Did Christopher Columbus Have Intercourse With A Manatee

Did Christopher Columbus Have Intercourse With A Manatee

At this point, it’s somewhat outdated to point out that Christopher Columbus, whose name was the boy, didn’t even go to school and didn’t receive a letter today. He was a tyrant who committed two serious crimes in History of the Western Hemisphere – Atlantic Slavery, Trade and the Native American Genocide

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All his crimes would require a much longer article. Especially since estimating the claims of preliminary sources today is a rather difficult historical business. Philadelphia Magazine’s Michael Coard did a good survey. Howard Zinn’s work on this subject is controversial. But a good excerpt can be found in Jacobin and an illustrated version on Oatmeal.

These are just a few examples. Much of this is based on Lawrence Bergrin’s latest biography, Columbus: The Four Voyages, about the unbelievable atrocities of Columbus and his crew while in the Caribbean.

In that boat, I captured a very beautiful woman whom Admiral [Columbus] had given me. When I take you to my hut According to their custom, she was naked. I am full of desire to enjoy you and try to satisfy my desires. She didn’t want to do my nails until I regret not starting. Then I hit her hard with a rope and hit her with a whip. And she screams so incredible that you can hardly believe your ears. We finally got a lot of money. I assure her that you think she was raised in a post-war school. 2) In Hispaniola, members of the Columbus crew openly shut the ears of the Indians to force others to obey.

After an attack on more than 2,000 Indians, Columbus asked his subordinate Alonso de Ojeda to bring him three Indian chiefs. In which Columbus was ordered to be beheaded in public, Ojeda also ordered his men to capture another Indian. Take him to the middle of the village and “cut off his ears” in revenge for the failure of the Indians to help the Spaniards cross the river (Burgreen, 170-171).

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According to Cuneo, Columbus has ordered the arrest of 1,500 men and women, the release of 400 and the punishment of 500 to Spain, while the remaining 600 Spaniards on the island will be enslaved, about 200 of the 500. Sent to Spain, died en route and was thrown by the Spaniards into the Atlantic Ocean (Burgreen, 196–197).

Columbus ordered all Indians over the age of 14 to give large amounts of gold to Spain due to the pain of death. Those who lived in regions with little gold were allowed to give cotton. Participants in this system receive “A stamped copper or brass coin that can be worn around the neck. which became a symbol of unbearable shame” (Bergreen, 203).

The Indians destroyed their bread supplies so that they and the invaders could not eat them. They fell from the rocks. poisoned at the root and die of hunger with the burden of impossibility to pay tribute in gold Indians are no longer able to farm or care for the sick, children and the elderly. They surrendered and were massacred so as not to be killed or captured by Christians. and not sharing the lands, fields, plantations, beaches, forests and women, which are the future of their people. 6) 56 years after Columbus’ first voyage, Only 500 of the 300,000 Indians remain on Hispaniola.

Did Christopher Columbus Have Intercourse With A Manatee

The numbers from 500 years ago aren’t necessarily accurate, but Bergrin estimates that in 1492 Hispaniola had a population of about 300,000. In 1494-1496 100,000 people died, half of them by mass suicide. By 1508, the population reduced to 60,000 by 1548, only 500

Reasons Christopher Columbus Was A Murderer, Tyrant, And Scoundrel

It is understood that some natives fled into the mountains to escape the Spanish army. and Columbus’ men attacked those dogs (Bergreen, 205).

Columbus’ treatment of the Spanish settlers was also brutal compared to the crimes against the Caribs and Taino Indians. “Public flogging, neck bound, and foot bound” in exchange for gold for food to prevent starvation. He ordered the woman’s tongue to be cut off because of her. “Talking rudely about the admiral and his brothers.”

Another woman was As punishment for claiming she was pregnant, he “ordered the Spaniards to be hanged for stealing bread” (Bergreen, 315-316). Bergrin continued:

He also ordered the removal of one of the culprits’ ears and nose. who were beaten, chained and driven from the island He ordered the young man to continue hammering where he pulled the trap out of the river and caught the fish. Punishments for minor offenses occur with alarming frequency. Columbus ordered a criminal to be beaten a hundred times. which can cause death because of the theft of sheep and another for lying about the incident. An unfortunate boy named Juan Moreno was beaten a hundred times. because there was not enough food for Columbus’ pantry. 8) The settlers led by Columbus sold girls aged 9 and 10 into sex slaves.

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He admitted this in a letter to Doña Juana de la Torre, a friend of the Queen of Spain: “There are merchants looking for women. Those from nine to ten are in demand and for all age groups. Good prices.”

Benjamin Keane, historian of the Spanish conquest of the Americas. noted that many sources verify the account of “The tired Indian porter was chained around his neck. where the heads of the Spaniards were cut from their bodies so that they did not have to stop to get naked.”

Update: An earlier version of this article used a different translation of the Columbus letter that made it unclear if he was referring to a 9- and 10-year-old girl. Other translations have been edited for clarity.

Did Christopher Columbus Have Intercourse With A Manatee

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Christopher Columbus: How The Explorer’s Legend Grew—and Then Drew Fire

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Here’s The Real Story Of Columbus That People Prefer To Ignore

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Did Christopher Columbus Have Intercourse With A Manatee

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