Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia

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Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia – Victor Postiglione, Dolores Montaño, Diego Fió, Adriana Yurcovich, Josefina Recio, Martín Rodríguez Redondo, Chiara Ghio, César Sodero

Víctor Postiglione, Dolores Montaño, Diego Fió, Adriana Yurcovich, Josefina Recio, Martín Rodríguez Redondo, Chiara Ghio, César Sodero see 4 others

Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia

Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia

Pablo Iacovone, Darío Lugli, Soledad Rodríguez, Sebastián Videgaray, Nicolás Richat, Pablo Parra, José María Gómez

Cuánto Cabrón / Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad, Es Mera Coincidencia

Guillermo Pfening, Elisa Carricajo, Marcelo Subiotto, Isabelino Paredez, Juan Luis Chamorro, Paula Carruega, Mónica Lairana, Julieta Rapalini, Daniel Cabot, Joaquín Rapalini Olivella, Fiona Torres, Agustín Rittano, Daniela Catz, Rosa Leo Rubinel, Agustina Blasco, Prado Jorge , Ignacio Giménez see 10 more

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Esto Es Un Juego Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia ¡por Mi Y Mis

© 2002-2022 – Movieaffinity | is a movie and series recommendation site, and is a completely independent media whose primary concern is the privacy and data protection of its users. All rights reserved – All rights reserved The remarkable source of this sentence: “Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental” Published on 19 October 2019 by Alberto Díaz – Pinto

“The characters and events depicted in this film are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real people, dead or alive, or real events is purely coincidental.”

It is widely used in the seventh art, after all it is an expression that we have accepted in a normal way in our daily life, even if, yes, in its shorter version: «Any similarity with the truth is a coincidence».

Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia

As you know, as curious as we are, we like to search for the origin of all these sayings. So when we got the answer, we couldn’t resist repeating it.

La Constitución Es Como El Hilo De Manuel Bartual: Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia

Indeed, the origin of this message comes from the 1932 film Rasputin and the Tsarina, which tells the story of Rasputin saving Tsar Nicholas II’s son Alexius from a wound aggravated by his hemophilia.

In this picture, the two characters, Prince Chegodieff and Princess Natasha, are based on Felix Felixovich Yusupov and Irina Alexandrovna respectively. She was the niece of Nicholas II and the daughter of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich and Grand Duchess Xenia Aleksandrovna, the Tsar’s sister.

Although they had other names in the film, it is clear that they were based on them because of the prince’s actions and because the film announces at the beginning: “It’s about the destruction of the kingdom … it’s still alive. The rest met a violent death. “.

The film implies that Rasputin raped Natasha, events that did not happen to Princess Irina in real life. For this reason, in 1933 Irina Alexandrovna sued Metro Goldwyn Mayer for defamation and violation of her privacy.

La Ilustración De Manel Vizoso

Apparently, on the night of December 16-17, 1916, Rasputin went to Irina’s home, the Moika Palace in St. Petersburg, to meet her, invited by Prince Felix. In fact, she Irina did not even know about her invitation, since she at that time she was in the Crimea. The monk fell into a trap set by the prince.

Indeed, Felix Yusupov, Deputy Dimitri Vladimir Purishkevich, Grand Duke Dmitri Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov and other conspirators planned the assassination of the notorious Rasputin at the Moika Palace. There he was poisoned, shot and beaten to death before throwing his body into the Neva River.

Rasputin, loved and hated alike, was one of the main characters who brought shame to the tsar and his family.

Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia

After the assassination, the king, in the joy caused by the crime, could not inflict a more severe punishment on his relative than his exile at the behest of the royal family. These facts saved the Yusupovs from near death, which they may have faced during the Russian Revolution like many other Romanovs.

Las Chicas Del Licor De Hierbas

Irina won the case against the film studios for defamation, receiving $ 127,373 from the English court and $ 250,000 out of court with MGM.

The studios, for their part, put an end to the situation where rape was mentioned, which explained the princess’s change of opinion towards Rasputin when she showed support for her at the beginning of the film. They also removed the film for decades.

So Rasputin and Irina never met. It was her husband, Felix Yusupov, who met her and planned her murder. A similar scene, given the rumors about Rasputin, would have made more sense if it involved the Tsarina, but MGM decided against it as the actors playing their parts were brothers, brothers in real life. Why all the movies? film warns us that “Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental”? You have probably noticed more than once the phrase that appears in the credits confirming that “The people and events in this film are completely fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, dead or alive, or real events is purely coincidental.” Why are they mounting it? Since when? Find out in this amazing video from the YouTube channel Judith Tiral, a fantastic content creator that I 100% recommend.

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Film production These are the 15 titles vying for a Goya nomination for best documentary

Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia

As I told you in this post, since last year the category of the Goya Awards for Best Documentary is not governed by the same rules as the other categories and has its own process that it considers and can apply for. steps before being elected) must first obtain the consent, approval, blessing and first choice of the members of the Special School of Documentary. Something that doesn’t happen in any club.

Cuánto Cabrón / Búsqueda De Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Mera Coincid En

Among the documentary films in competition that meet all these rules, the documentary expert will choose a maximum of 15 films that will go to the first round of voting. (…) Only the listed documents will be eligible for the best documents.

But why? With what criteria? What does this new measure pursue? Why is this preview only used in documentaries? Why is it assumed that all other academics will not be able to distinguish a good document from a bad one (as if they know how to handle fictional elements and cartoons) and therefore need to be educated? It’s not really clear to me. (Please leave me a comment if you know about it).

Although fortunately, unlike what happened last year, at least this time they have not forgotten the highest documentary of the year (“Labordeta, un hombre sin más”, 24k viewers so far).

The 15 titles vying for this year’s Goya nomination for Best Documentary (and from which the five nominated productions come from) are:

Cualquier Parecido Con La Realidad Es Pura Coincidencia By Punkies Y Cerebro On Apple Music

35 short films have been selected to compete in the 37th edition of the Goya Awards, which on 11 February 2023 will recognize the best animated, documentary and creative shorts.

The short film commissions are responsible for selecting ten titles for animation, another ten in the documentary category and fifteen in the fiction category. These shorts will be voted on in the coming weeks by all academics to determine which one will finally qualify for the awards.