Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Tattoo

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Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Tattoo – Here we have three different tattoos, with some similarities. On the left we have a small scripting “pride” and below it is a diamond, it has fine lines and is relatively small in size. Along with this we have nails in the style of the old school, similar in size but not in style, the thick lines and deep black color used to create the unique classic style of tattoo. Below two we have a tattoo that is bigger than the two of them, but in lineart / linework style, you can also call it fineline style, but usually our clients think of something smaller, if they describe it as a fine line. . Art

“Telling a young man the facts of life is like bathing a fish.” The detail of this tattoo is very well placed, all the white highlights are visible, the softness of the wings and how transparent they feel on point. It’s crazy how you can choose individual scales thanks to the amazing skills of our artist Luca. If you need an appointment with him, just give us a call or visit us in store!

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Tattoo

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Tattoo

This fine line tattoo is for a very special tattoo. Tattoos hold memories and are designed and tattooed with great care. As with all our tattoos it is always something the client wants, with each tattoo we give our best to create a beautiful and unique design, just for you.

Best Cross Tattoo Designs (with Meanings)

Here we have some mini tattoos. Small but important. Some tattoos have it and some don’t, which is the meaning behind the tattoo we are referring to. What we have experienced over the years is that most of the time small tattoos have a meaning behind them. Of course this is not a rule but usually a small script or even a small picture on a roof reminds us of something we love or want to achieve in our lives. Therefore, growth is not necessary, because it is very important for us, not to say that growth is not the way.

Good lines, simple shape with enough detail to quickly identify which animal it is. This tattoo is small, not mini, but small is a good tattoo. This is one of those designs that takes advantage of the very trendy modern fineline aesthetic, and this is a great example of that.

A nice clean example for a finline script. The placement flows to the collarbone of the body. The letters themselves have a nice layout, they look well balanced and very attractive. The lines are beautiful and delicate.

Here are some emotional scenes of a woman posing and two people kissing each other. Both tattoos were done by the same artist on the same person, so they match the style. Tattoos that are planned in advance usually work best together, although there is nothing wrong with spontaneous ideas.

Heart Tattoo Ideas That Will Capture Your Heart

Each of these simple fineline scripts is surrounded by a small oneline design. One has the moon behind him and the other two people are kissing each other.

Such a difficult thing. The clef represents the symbol to indicate that you are in the music. This small tattoo is made of a very beautiful aesthetic tattoo and sits behind the ear, if you think about it, it is a perfect place. 🙂

“I will be king of the pirates!” ~ Monkey D. Luffy’s “One Piece” flag design is simple and clean, it’s perfect for a tattoo. It doesn’t have to be big, this small tattoo, you can almost call it a mini tattoo is a perfect example of that. The nice little lines of the straw hat and the thick bold outline of the logo make it pop. Beautiful bright color and deep black eyes. Everything works in this tattoo, the shape, the line, the color… perfect job!

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Tattoo

This abstract script is very well placed, just below the collar bone. A line with a geometric symbol in the form of a triangle in the shape of an arrow also fits the sternum in the center of the chest. They all fit snugly and have enough breathing room between them. They look sophisticated and simple at the same time and beautifully complement the female anatomy.

So You Want A Scottish Gaelic Tattoo

“His monument sticks like a fish bone in the city’s throat.” Small and simple. It’s a fish meal, what more can you say. It’s small, perfect for a small tattoo! Clean lines, minimal shading, and a cute face make this mini tattoo very cute.

Small tattoos or mini tattoos are always welcome if you want to get something on your body, but still want some skin left for other big tattoos. “Good Vibes” is a good example of a short text that our client likes, but not everything on his sleeve. Big enough to be a nice quick reminder. If something is important to you, it doesn’t have to be big, because you know what it means.

This mini tattoo has some fine lines, especially the face of the ear and the knife he is holding. Yes, you heard that right, this cute kawaii hippo is holding a little flipknife! I don’t know what this tattoo is trying to say, but it’s probably funny or disturbing. From a technical point of view, this tattoo is very well done with clean linework.

“It’s okay to be less than perfect.” This black and gray fine line tattoo depicts Charlie Brown and Snoopy looking off into the distance. You can only see their backs, but you can recognize them at a glance. The fineline aesthetic is generally good for small tattoos, and this is another perfect example

Floral Tattoo Meanings And History

This sign is like the sun, but in a simpler way. Arm placement is perfect. A simple black beauty always looks good as a tattoo and especially on the arm. Good position, clean good lines and a small design that looks good, makes for a sick tattoo!

The flower is made with just dots, it’s an interesting piece of art and it takes a lot of time but the results are worth it! Dotwork is great for shapes, patterns or simple shades to give the tattoo more structure and make it more interesting, a cool technique but it doesn’t work for all styles. If you are interested in dotwork, talk to your tattoo artist and ask him if dotwork is possible.

This mini fine line tattoo is for friends who have. This is a great example of a friend/partner/marriage tattoo for the same purpose. You don’t have to get your friend’s name tattooed, a symbol you both love can look great.

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Tattoo

Using dot work is the cherry on top of this otherwise clean fine line tattoo. It gives depth to the door and not just black inside. The clef is very well integrated with the dots.

Best Open Heart Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

“Go where your heart leads you.” Geometric tattoos are well done with many subtle applications. The tattoo represents the excitement and happiness you get after an adventure. The fine lines from the sun with the soft shadow of the mountain top show a great contrast in the tattoo without the use of color. Everything is beautifully framed by two triangles, making it a nice looking but compact tattoo.

“What is behind us and what is before us are small things compared to what is before us.” Really nice condition for a board. In the middle of the hand, yes, but the side movement is not normal, but it fits perfectly. One side of the mandala goes straight to the thumb, making the geometric piece more open without breaking the rules of the mandala. A beautifully detailed tattoo with many fine lines.

“While the days are short and the nights grow. This is the circle of life, and it moves us all through despair and hope, faith and love, “until we find our place, on the road. ” The simple shapes used for the sun, moon and clouds, combined with a small shadow and a skull make a beautiful medieval inspired tattoo. Only gray is used for the shadow, allowing the outlines that pop! A simple banner with a beautiful illustration written on it is perfect for the design direction the client wants.

“Life is a circle. The end of our journey is the beginning of the next.” It looks easy, but tattooing is more complicated than you think. Our artist looks like he’s painting black strokes with a brush. Fine line mini scripts make a beautiful minimalist leg tattoo. Place well around the ankle. Clean job.

Most Beautiful Pet Memorial Tattoos » Urns

“Virgos are very peaceful people, you will be happy if they let you into their lives.” This mini tattoo sits in a nice circular shape. The style is simple, giving this minimalistic tattoo a clean overall look. The star sign sits perfectly in the sky so nothing is cut off and you can see the Virgo sign at a glance. The surrounding mountains benefit from uninterrupted shade.

“The sun loves the moon so much that she dies every night to breathe.” These two small tattoos are beautiful for their size and minimalist design. This simple design makes a great couple or friend tattoo.

“All will live

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die Tattoo

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