Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Little Rock Menu

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Little Rock Menu – In this Monday, Dec. 20, 2010 photo, workers leave the Cracker Barrel restaurant and convenience store in South Portland, Maine. AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach, file

Some of the meat in Cracker Barrel may be fake, but the meat they pull is real.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Little Rock Menu

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Little Rock Menu

On Monday, the chain posted on Facebook about the plant-based sausage, made by Cracker Barrel’s Impossible Foods, which will be added to its breakfast menu starting this summer. The post drew strong backlash from her followers, with many complaining that Cracker Barrel shouldn’t offer meat alternatives.

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“Just lost respect for a great Tennessee company,” one person commented. Another commenter said: “No way! Cracker Barrel was so good, we used to eat them, but not anymore,” another person wrote, “Bad choice.” Others doubt that the product will be good. Many commenters disapprove of the addition of “steep” to the menu.

However, not all reactions have been negative, with many people thanking the chain for the alternative. “I can’t even tell the difference. I think it’s good for people who can’t eat meat for some reason,” wrote one.

In a statement to CNN Business, Cracker Barrel said that “our guests are constantly looking for opportunities to expand the breakfast experience and offer options to satisfy every taste bud – whether people want to stick with traditional favorites like bacon and sausage. Hungry for new Six. One. , a nutritious plant-based alternative like Impossible Sausage.”

On Thursday, Cracker Barrel responded to the controversy by posting a picture of herb sausage and pork sausage together on Instagram. “Where pork and herb sausage lovers can eat breakfast every day in sociability,” reads the caption. Add: Interestingly, high street rival McDonald’s has axed all-day breakfast.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Springdale, Northwest Arkansas

Cracker Barrel has added Impossible Sausage to its menus as part of a broader shakeup of its offerings. Chen says it’s “the first plant-based protein because more than ever, consumers are looking for plant-based options that are good for them.”

Restaurants are gravitating toward other meats, with major chains like Dunkin’ and Burger King adding them to their menus.

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Little Rock Menu

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Little Rock Menu

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