Can I Kiss My Wife Private Parts In Islam

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Can I Kiss My Wife Private Parts In Islam – This article is about physical affection. For the American rock band, see Kiss (band). For other uses, see Kiss (disambiguation).

A kiss is the touching or pressing of lips to another person or object. The cultural meaning of kissing varies greatly. Depending on the culture and context, a kiss can convey feelings of love, passion, romance, sexual desire, sexual activity, sexual arousal, love, respect, kindness, coolness, peace, and luck. In some situations, a kiss is a ritualistic, ceremonial, or symbolic gesture that shows devotion, respect, or holiness. The word comes from Old Glish sisan (“kiss”), not kos (“kiss”).

Can I Kiss My Wife Private Parts In Islam

Can I Kiss My Wife Private Parts In Islam

Anthropologists disagree about whether kissing is an innate or learned behavior. Those who believe that kissing is an instinctive behavior cite similar behavior in other animals, such as the bonobo, which may kiss after a fight – possibly to restore peace.

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Others believe it is a learned behavior derived from activities such as sucking or pre-chewing in early human cultures that have passed down to modern humans. Another theory states that the practice originated in the Paleolithic era, when men tried women’s saliva to test their health and determine if they would be a good breeding partner. The fact that all human cultures are not used as an argument against kissing being an instinctive human behavior; Probably only 90% of the population practices kissing.

Buddhism and Jainism, about 3,500 years ago, according to Vaughan Bryant, an anthropologist at Texas A&M University who specializes in the history of kissing.

Go, my love, my heart, lie down, each of them in turn kissing with their tongues.

The kiss is described in a surviving New Kingdom ancient Egyptian love poem found on papyri excavated at Deir el-Medina:

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And when his lips are pressed against mine, I’m drunk and I don’t need wine. When we kiss and his warm lips are half open, I fly to the clouds without beer!

His kisses on my lips, my breasts, my hair… …come on! Come on! Come on! And kiss me when I die, For life, persuasive life, is in thy breath; And with that kiss, even though I am lying in the grave, I will resurrect and break the bonds of death.

The first mention of kissing in the Old Testament is in Genesis 27:26, where Jacob deceives his father in order to obtain his blessing:

Can I Kiss My Wife Private Parts In Islam

Genesis 29:11 represents the first kiss between a man and a woman in the Bible, when Jacob flees from Esau and goes to his uncle Laban’s house:

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In the Cyrapedia (370 BC), Xaphon writes about the Persian custom of kissing on the lips when describing the departure of Cyrus the Great (c. 600 BC) as a boy from his middle kin.

According to Herodotus (5th century BC), when two Persians met, the greeting expressed their equal or unequal status. They don’t talk; Rather, kissing each other on the face is the same as kissing on the cheek where one is a little inferior to the other.

Anthropologist von Bryant claims that kissing spread from India to Europe after Alexander the Great conquered part of the Punjab in northern India in 326 BC.

The Romans were interested in kissing and talked about different types of kissing. A kiss on the hand or cheek was called an osculo. Kisses on the lips with the mouth closed were called bazi, used between relatives. The kiss of passion was called suviam.

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Kissing was not always a sign of eros or love, but could also express respect and status, as used in medieval Europe.

The study of kissing began in the nineteenth century and is called philology, which has been studied by contemporary scholars such as Cesare Lambrosa, Ernest Crowley, Charles Darwin, Edward Burnett Tylor, and Ellen Hatfield.

Christopher Nirop identified several types of kisses, including kisses of love, affection, calmness, respect and coolness. However, he notes that the categories are somewhat inspired and overlapping, and that some cultures have more types, including French with twenty and German with thirty.

Can I Kiss My Wife Private Parts In Islam

Kissing another person on the lips has become a common expression of love or a warm greeting in many cultures around the world. However, in some cultures, kissing only appeared with European settlement, before that it was not common. Such cultures include some of the Nile communities of Australia, the Tahitians, and many tribes in Africa.

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A kiss can also be used to express feelings without an erotic element, but it can still be “much deeper and longer,” Nairup writes. He added that such kisses can be an expression of love “in the broadest and most comprehensive sense of the word, conveying a message of faithful love, gratitude, compassion, sympathy, intense joy and deep sadness.”

Nirop writes that the most common example is “the intense feeling that binds the parts of their children,” but he adds that loving kisses are common not only between parts and children, but also among other members of the same family, in which they can include. Ashu is outside the family circle, “wherever deep love unites people.”

The tradition is recorded in the Bible, for when Esau met Jacob after a long separation, he ran to him, fell on his neck and kissed him (Isa. 33:4), Moses greeted his father-in-law and kissed him. (Exodus 18:7), and Orpah kissed her mother-in-law before leaving her (Ruth 1:14). Family kisses were traditional among the Romans, and love kisses are often mentioned in the early Greeks when Odysseus arrives at his home and is met by his faithful shepherds.

Love can be the reason for kisses “between important and glorious mothers in all ages,” notes Nirop, “not only between those who love each other, but also as an expression of deep gratitude. When the apostle Paul says goodbye to the elders. The community of Ephesus, “they all wept, fell on Paul’s neck and kissed him” (Acts 20:37). Kisses can be exchanged between complete strangers, if there is deep sympathy or passionate interest in the interlocutor.

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Folk poetry was the source of love kisses, where they sometimes played an important role when they had the power to break the bonds of sorcery or sorcery, often returning a person to his true form. Nirap notes that “poetic stories about the liberating power of a kiss can be found in the literature of many countries, especially, for example, in the old French Arthurian novels (Lancelot, Guillaume, Tyrann le Blanc), where the princess is transformed into a terrible dragon by evil arts, and only the knight can restore his human the look of daring to kiss her. In contrast, in the story of Beauty and the Beast, the transformed prince told the girl that she was bewitched by an evil fairy and could not be transformed into a human unless a maid fell in love with her and kissed her despite her ugliness.

Love’s kiss can happen even after death. Genesis 50:1 says that when Jacob died, “Joseph fell on his father’s face and wept over him and kissed him.” And it is related of Abu Bakr, Muhammad’s first disciple, father-in-law and successor, that when the Prophet died, he opened his face and kissed him. Nirap wrote that “the kiss is the last proof of the love we loved, and was believed in ancient times to follow mankind into the underworld.”

A kiss on the lips can be a physical expression of affection or love between two people, involving the senses of touch, taste and smell.

Can I Kiss My Wife Private Parts In Islam

According to psychologist Machem Breyer, although many “mammals, birds and insects exchange” what appear to be amorous kisses, in the human body they are not kisses.

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Surveys show that kissing is the second most common form of physical intimacy among American teenagers (after holding hands), and about 85% of 15-16 year olds in the United States have experienced it.

A kiss on the lips can be done between two friends or family. This step should show commitment to the cold. Unlike kisses for love, a cold kiss has no sexual meaning. Kissing on the lips is a practice that dates back to the time of the patriarchs (biblical).

In ancient Greece, a kiss on the lips was used to express a sense of equality between people of the same rank.

In many cultures, kissing on a date or participating in a kissing game with a friend is considered a harmless practice for those who balance. These games act as an ice breaker at parties and can be the first contact with sex for some participants. There are many such games, including Truth or Dare?, Save Minutes in Heaven (or the Two Minutes in the Closet variant), Spin the Bottle, Post Office, and Wink.

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Psychologist William Caan notes that in Western society, kissing is often a romantic act and description

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