Can A 18 Year Old Date A 15 Year Old

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Can A 18 Year Old Date A 15 Year Old – Introduction: Dyslexia is one of the most common developmental disorders, occurring in approximately 5%. It is characterized by a severe disability in reading and writing.

Methods: The main aspects of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dyslexia were discussed based on a selected literature review and the guidelines of the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychology and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy.

Can A 18 Year Old Date A 15 Year Old

Can A 18 Year Old Date A 15 Year Old

Results: 40% to 60% of children with dyslexia have psychological symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and inattention. The dyslexia assessment consists of a battery of standard reading and writing tests and a psychological assessment of the child, including additional information provided by parents and teachers. Dyslexia treatment is based on two main approaches: specific support for learning areas (reading and writing) and psychotherapy for any mental problems that may be present. Tested evaluations are available for use at home and at home.

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Conclusion: The diagnosis of dyslexia should be made using a multidimensional classification system. The benefits of specific strategies for treating dyslexia are unclear. However, there is a review of prevention programs available in primary schools that have been shown to contribute to children’s ability to learn to read and write at school.

Dyslexia is a developmental disorder. Some of the main symptoms of dyslexia can be late in life. About 5% of children suffer from dyslexia (1). The psychological symptoms that often accompany dyslexia have a significant impact on children, adolescents and adults with dyslexia.

Dyslexia is characterized by a specific, specific disability in reading and writing that cannot be explained by mental retardation or low intelligence. However, there is a common misconception that children with dyslexia (also known as dyslexia) are not smart and are not suitable for high school.

The International Classification of Psychiatry (2) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (3) describe the diagnostic criteria for dyslexia and, in the case of ICD-10, a spelling disorder. Although both systems list dyslexia as a mental illness, compared to dyslexia and motor disorders, the German health system does not recognize dyslexia as a disease, despite many protests by parents and patients have to pay themselves. . A possible reason for this is that until the 1980s, dyslexia was thought to be caused by learning styles. However, the results of basic research conducted in the last 30 years show that dyslexia has a neurobiological relationship and that genetics influence the ability to read and write (e1-e4).

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This selective literature review is based on the guidelines of the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychology and Adolescent Psychology.

Dyslexia is characterized by a significant decrease in reading speed. Children with dyslexia often take two to three times as long or longer than other children to read text. Slow reading leads to serious reading comprehension problems, especially when reading long sentences.

It is very easy to match individual letters with their corresponding sounds, and mistakes are common. Instead of words that are difficult to read, children with dyslexia tend to read other words with similar letters. Some children are able to decipher the content of a sentence from the other words it contains, even if specific words are misread (eg hammer instead of subject). Therefore, it is very important that the analysis not only focuses on reading, but also the speed at which the words are read aloud.

Can A 18 Year Old Date A 15 Year Old

Excessive reading speed is also a strong indicator of reading disorders (4). This is especially common with complex, polysyllabic and irregular words. In stressful situations, for example when reading a paper at the office or in front of colleagues, symptoms increase. Reading behavior is also reflected in numeracy (eg reading math problems) and learning foreign languages.

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Spelling behavior is characterized by a significantly increased number of spelling errors. Children with spelling problems typically write 10% of the 40 words they measure correctly. In free writing, words are avoided when children think they cannot spell them correctly. This is often considered a lack of vocabulary or a lack of language skills. However, it is usually a form of compensation to avoid written mistakes, which are often corrected with a red pen, and negative feedback from the teacher.

The development of writing skills is done in stages. First, children start to write phonetically, for example: picture instead of picture or frame instead of frame (Figure 1 gif ppt). It usually takes a year to learn phonetic letter associations. For children with spelling problems, it often takes two years. The next stage in language development is spelling. This includes things like correct use of upper and lowercase letters, suffixes (asked, unasked) and the correct spelling of root words (they happen, not because the first vowel is short). The basics of correct spelling are usually in Germany at the end of the fourth year of school (for 10-year-olds). Children with spelling problems have a hard time spelling words correctly, even in adulthood.

It is not possible to define subgroups of dyslexia based on etiology. There are no typical spelling mistakes for dyslexia, but mistakes can be attributed to developmental stages.

40% to 60% of children and youth with dyslexia experience psychological problems. This is much higher than the overall prevalence of mental illness, which according to current statistics from the German Child and Adolescent Health and Research (KiGGS) is between 5% and 18%, depending on the diagnostic criteria. and clinical features used for classification (e5, e6). Children with dyslexia experience negative thoughts, depression, sadness and anxiety in school as early as elementary school. They often feel rejected, rejected by their teachers and rejected.

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The rate of global fatigue and suicide attempts in dyslexic youth is three times higher than that of non-dyslexic youth of the same age (5, 6). Depression in youth with dyslexia doubles, and anxiety triples in frequency (7). The most common school-age disorder is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (about 20%).

In addition, due to the positive diagnosis, dyscalculia is often diagnosed (dyscalculia incidence: about 5% [e7]). ICD-10 classifies dyscalculia as a complex disorder involving learning disabilities (F81.3). For many years it was believed that people with severe literacy problems needed to know numbers. This theory has not been confirmed by empirical studies. In fact, approximately 20% to 40% of children with reading and/or spelling problems also suffer from dyscalculia (7).

Although the ICD-10 and DSM-IV are based on the clinical picture of dyslexia, current research suggests that there are three distinct disorders (8):

Can A 18 Year Old Date A 15 Year Old

The problem of reading and combining together is 8%, the problem of spelling alone is 6%, and the problem of reading alone is 7%. Different types of neurocognitive deficits appear in each of these disorders. However, there are no reliable research results on this topic (8).

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Studies of large epidemiological samples have repeatedly shown that dyslexia is two to three times more common in boys than in girls. After distinguishing between reading and spelling problems, it was found that boys have more problems with spelling, but reading problems affect numbers as much as girls (8, 9).

The diagnosis of dyslexia and specific dyslexia and dyslexia is complex and based on the following (non-complicated list) in addition to the basic symptoms of dyslexia and/or dyslexia:

These functional domains are categorized in the Multiaxial Classification of Anxiety Disorders (MAS, 10) by six axes. Axis II represents developmental disorders, axis I mental disorders, axis III intelligence, axis IV physical disorders, axis V psychosocial factors, and axis VI psychosocial functioning.

Reading assessment should include reading speed, accuracy and comprehension. Currently, there are standardized tests in this field for grades 1 to 6 (Table 1 gif ppt). A combination of different tests is needed to test reading comprehension. It consists of an individualized assessment of the child. A child’s performance is compared to the performance of children in one school year. There is a specific month rule, which means that the test should only be used during that short period of time. Tests that were common more than a decade ago should no longer be used. There is also a “reading screen” suitable for school testing, but not a traditional analysis.

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There are standard spelling tests for all grades (Table 2 gif ppt). In these tests, children write instructions in sentences with gaps (Figure 1). Depending on the age and subject, children should write more than 20 words. There is no time limit for taking the test. These tests are also usually short term. It means spelling

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