Boy I Think About It Every Night And Day

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Boy I Think About It Every Night And Day – Fall Out Boy said their hiatus was the best thing that ever happened to them: “It gave us time to think and grow.”

As hard as it is to believe, it’s been 10 years since Fall Out Boy first hit the pop charts with “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” It was the era of MySpace, Pretty Ricky and Peter Jackson

Boy I Think About It Every Night And Day

Boy I Think About It Every Night And Day

. These things have been forgotten and forgotten, but Fall Out Boy has a new Top 20 song called “Centuries” that’s among hits from Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez. It’s a great comeback for a band that was written off as dead and buried years ago.

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“Initially, it didn’t matter who wrote what, we decided to divide everything into four directions,” says Patrick Stump. “There are records where I sing the whole song or Joe [Trohman] writes the whole music bed, but we all get equal credit. If the four of us are on stage, the four of us get equal credit, the same money and the same amount.”

Many of their friends from other groups were surprised to learn the arrangement. “Are you crazy?” they said. – said Stump. – You wrote everything! And all these groups, each separately, are divided.

“A lot has changed since Outkast released ‘Rosa Parks,'” says Pete Wentz. “We can get away with parody law, but we don’t know many lawyers. We had a lot of friends, and somebody explained it properly and explained the atmosphere.” It still made Stump angry. “It was crazy to me,” he said. “I can’t imagine what he said when he heard it. .

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“I’m so tired of people saying, ‘Oh, it’s going to hurt the industry,’ or complaining about whatever the new boogie man is this year,” Stump said. “People always think that whatever the new future is, it will put them in the poor house. I always hear these arguments, this anger and hatred, and I say, “This is bullshit! It’s like you didn’t record the radio when you were a kid. There are many ways to get music. We still buy records. We still we go to shows too. People who care still care. I think streaming doesn’t hurt anything and I’ve found a lot of great bands that way.”

Pete Wentz strongly agrees. “If you’re going to deny that these things exist and pretend you’re living in a vacuum, then you’re the kind of person who’s never heard of the end of the Roman Empire,” he said. “It’s out of date. If you turn off music streaming, the kids will be on YouTube. This is how most people view music. We have to be a part of it, but the big artists have to express it to give justice to the smaller artists. The longer you hold on to the past, the further away the future is from you when you have to jump into it. Instead of building a bridge or an airplane, you go from life raft to life raft.”

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Boy I Think About It Every Night And Day