Bannerlord Ii How Big Can Your Army Get

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Bannerlord Ii How Big Can Your Army Get – Knowing how to increase your party size in Moun & Blade II: Bannerlord is essential to progress. This guide will help you figure out how to quickly increase your party size

If you’re going to fight big bands of bandits and lead lords to conquer castles, you’re going to need a bigger army. Expanding party size offers the flexibility to create different combinations and have the perfect army for how you want to play. This includes infantry, archers, cavalry, etc.

Bannerlord Ii How Big Can Your Army Get

Bannerlord Ii How Big Can Your Army Get

Bannerlord uses a new mechanic that revolves around the clan system, unlike the previous Mount & Blade games. Each lord is associated with a specific group called a clan, and when you launch Bannerlord you create your own group. After completing the first task, “Rebuild Your Clan”, leveling them up requires fame.

Army Of Poachers

When you start Clan Tier 1, you get 25 additional unit slots in your clan. Then each level gives 15 additional places.

The Steward skill is one of many skills that give your party a cohesion boost. You don’t give more than one extra unit when you first start. However, it tends to be passively balanced and does not require much attention.

The Steward skill naturally grants the Quartermaster buff, which appears in the Skills menu if you click the “i” button to the right of the image. You can also see which items increase the size of your army in the Party menu by hovering over the “Soldiers” heading.

There are family roles that you can do either by yourself or with a partner. Roles naturally balance certain skills. For example, the Quartermaster role levels the Steward ability over time.

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Bannerlord doesn’t make it clear that you can choose a perk after leveling a skill to a certain point. Once you reach a certain level, you can choose one or two perks that act as passive buffs. There are several in the Steward perk tree that increase army size.

Keep in mind that once you increase your class size, you’ll have much higher maintenance fees than you’re used to. Use How to Get Money Fast to track these fees and other expenses.

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Bannerlord Ii How Big Can Your Army Get

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Everyone wants to expand their party population so they can have the biggest and baddest army in all of Calradia.

As you can see above, there are three factors that can affect party size, and unfortunately one of them will remain constant throughout your gaming experience.

So if you want to get a bigger army and dominate the battlefield in Bannerlord, you can easily increase your party’s troop limit here.

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To increase your party size limit and get a bigger army in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, you need to reach the maximum Clan level and become a skilled Quartermaster.

When you enter the class menu and check the changes, you will see three class size statistics:

The base party size in Bannerlord will always be 20. If you start the game with only Steward skill level 1 quartermaster and Clan level 0, the maximum army size will be 20.

Bannerlord Ii How Big Can Your Army Get

The clan level bonus is the change that most affects army sizes in Bannerlord. Since increases in clan levels are very common, changes are very fast early in the game and can make your party huge.

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So, considering this table, increasing clan level will bring +25 troops per level. Most players won’t be able to get past Clan level 5, but the clan cap continues to increase at higher levels.

Battle is the best way to gain reputation and reach higher clans. You can do this mainly by killing the enemies yourself.

If you want a bigger army, make sure you break battles and get to those higher levels as soon as you can. Who knows, if you reach level 4 early, you might start your Bannerlord realm from scratch!

There are many important positions in your party, and the quarterback can be the best of the bunch.

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The quartermaster not only affects the size limit of the squad, but also determines the pay and food consumption of the soldiers.

The Quartermaster’s influence on the party is based solely on the Steward’s skill. Depending on the level, the size of the party increases continuously.

Leveling above 100 can be done very quickly and gives your army a nice +25 initial troop.

Bannerlord Ii How Big Can Your Army Get

Even if you are clan level 4 and only have a party troop limit of 120, you can increase your Bannerlord party by over 50% with a high ranking quartermaster.

How To Increase Clan Tier In Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord

The final batch with Clan level 5 and Quartermaster level 300 will consist of 220 soldiers. That’s about half the army of a normal party.

People who have played Mount and Blade: Warband may also think of the Steward skill as the old leadership skill, except that it only works for the barracks, not the party leader (unless it’s the same person).

Make sure you have plenty of different types of food in your inventory to easily increase your Steward skills. This will get you to a decent number in no time. Fortunately, this method is not as difficult as fixing skills like Medicine and Blacksmithing.

Everything you need to know about increasing party/army size limits in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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How do you manage your troops in Bannerlord? Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord puts you in command of massive armies in epic battles! But first you have to defeat them. Keeping their loyalty, feeding them and upgrading them to stronger units will be the key to conquering the land. It’s going to take a lot of work, so we’re here to help you learn the ins and outs.

On this page, I’ll show you how to recruit soldiers, grow your party, and control them in battle. (Note that this is not to be confused with how to recruit fellow Bannerlords, which is an entirely different process.)

Bannerlord Ii How Big Can Your Army Get

Unlike managing your army, the initial recruitment of soldiers in Bannerlord is quite easy. Either you have to buy new recruits from the settlements for a small amount of gold, or you have to turn them into soldiers after capturing them. Normal troop types gain more advantage than any bandit class as the game progresses, so consider recruiting troops from the respective factions instead of using a bandit unit.

Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord Now Has A Formation System And Better Siege Ai

After you recruit a soldier, you can use them in battle to gain experience, which can allow them to upgrade to better army classes. Below are some examples of the best troop classes you can recruit, categorized by the class they represent, and you can use the Encyclopedia to learn how to upgrade them (press “N” on the map and look at the -troops pages).

There are a few things to consider when recruiting soldiers. Because no one works for free, if you are well paid and well fed, they are loyal to you.

In addition to paying them, you need to ensure that your soldiers participate in battles, which they often win. A varied diet is also a great way to boost your mood. A portion of the food purchased will feed one of your soldiers, and it doesn’t matter if that food unit is meat or grain.

Now you know how to get troops and what you need to do to keep them going

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