A Little Of A Lot Carp Pig Snake

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A Little Of A Lot Carp Pig Snake – I think the different versions of the Departments of Natural Resources around the country could be considered winners. Well, they certainly work hard to win. I call them that because of the many non-native or invasive species or plant species that plague ecosystems across the country. I mean, that’s what you do to attackers… you win them over.

Kentucky is like everywhere else…native and non-native. Three invasive species found in the Commonwealth – which will be the focus of this story – are running rampant and causing huge problems. one fish; One is a mollusk; One is even a pig. You can say – say Paul Revere – if there are two by sea and one by truck. Yes, we’ll get to that.

A Little Of A Lot Carp Pig Snake

A Little Of A Lot Carp Pig Snake

Many articles have been written on the Asian carp feeding problem for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. The agency has no fans and works tirelessly year after year to remove the worst invasive fish from Kentucky’s lakes and rivers. Here’s why the agency is on such a mission:

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Invasive carp are invasive species that harm native species in Kentucky. They can outcompete native species for resources, and some females are capable of producing over a million eggs a year, causing their numbers to grow at an alarming rate. In addition, bottlenose dolphins pose a danger to boaters due to their jumping behavior when frightened. As a result, such behavior can lead them to collide with boaters, causing damage to people and property.

Now it’s something new for me. First of all, I love shellfish. Bring me a plate and drawn butter and a pipe and step away. But these fish are not those fish. I’ve actually never heard of zebra mussels, but rest assured KDFWR exists. Like barnacles on a ship, these tiny molluscs attach themselves to hard surfaces and can be found in Barkley Lake, Kentucky Lake, and Dewey Lake along the Ohio River near Prestonsburg in eastern Kentucky.

You’ve already read between the lines why these little critters, native to the Black and Caspian seas of Eastern Europe, wreak such havoc, but Kentucky Fish and Wildlife will tell you this:

Zebra mussels attach themselves to hard surfaces, including rocks, logs, boats, weeds, other shellfish, engines, pillars, and the inside of water supply pipes. Once attached, they can form on layers of live shells.

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You can imagine the closed problems surrounding the habits of zebra mussels. As the agency notes, boaters who have their vessels on the water all year face a big problem.

Now let’s go from the big problem to the pig problem… except the pig problem is a big problem. No, I’m not talking about typical domestic pigs like Wilbur or Babe; I’m talking about wild boars. You don’t want to mess with them. I knew they were a deep south problem, but I realized they had moved north. But they didn’t succeed without help. According to KDFWR, feral hogs arrived in Kentucky in trucks. The reason for the agency’s concern is the following:

They will eat almost anything, steal food from our native wildlife and often prey on native animals as well. The most important thing is their strong reproductive ability. In favorable living conditions, sows can reproduce in five to ten months and are capable of producing 3-8 piglets twice a year! Leaving a few females in the landscape can quickly cause a large population increase.

A Little Of A Lot Carp Pig Snake

But Kentuckians strongly advise against shooting them. Instead, if you are found, call 1-800-858-1549. Due to the mentioned high reproduction rate, the shooting of wild pigs is ineffective. It just doesn’t move the needle. Even despite the damage they can cause in nature, they are secretive creatures and are not interested in human contact, usually fleeing at the slightest sound of danger.

Weird Animals That Are The Result Of Selective Breeding

For a long time I thought Florida had a big problem with non-native species like pythons and lizards.

But every minute I spend researching Kentucky’s animals, I’m more aware of the problems caused by species that don’t belong here.

A few of these species fall into the “threatened” category, but the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says they’re all nuisances, and for good reason.

Because states are charged with regulating exotic animals, some organizations, including The Humane Society of America, are advocating for federal, standardized laws that prohibit keeping big cats, bears, primates and large venomous snakes as pets.

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A cold moon will be the last full moon of 2022 — here’s when it can be seen in Indiana and Kentucky. A new study says kingsnakes are, pound for pound, the strongest guide in the world.

In the eat-or-be-eaten world of the animal kingdom, predators tend to target small and light prey. Like a lion hunting a bison, when it hunts for a large meal, it uses different methods of attack or defense.

But kingsnakes native to North America “don’t seem to follow that rule,” says David Benning, a biologist at Southern State University in Missouri.

A Little Of A Lot Carp Pig Snake

This is because these reptiles kill and eat 20 percent of large snakes, including other predators such as rat snakes. (See Super Deadly Snake Swallows Another Snake Whole)

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“When you put a small kingsnake with a big rat snake, they don’t get away with it,” says Benning.

“They will actively and directly attack a larger individual. This is not generally expected in all animal species.”

For the new study, Benning and Brad Moon, a biologist at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, examined dozens of live and dead specimens of various species of king and rat snake native to North America.

Kingsnakes and rat snakes often fight in the wild, a sight Benin describes as “two lumps of muscle wrapped together like two pieces of knotted cloth.” (Watch the first video of a python swallowing a hyena.)

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But the kingsnake doesn’t just outwit its opponent: after examining 36 dead specimens, researchers found that snakes and rats of the same age have similar muscles.

Not that the rat snake is too weak to escape. The researchers stretched 98 live snakes, tied them up and measured how much they retracted. According to a study published this week in the Journal of Experimental Biology, all snakes were attracted by the same force.

They fitted commercially purchased dead rats with pressure sensors containing light bulbs filled with water, then fed 182 snakes that shook the rats and showed them alive. The snakes writhed and squeezed at the pressure of the sensitive mouse.

A Little Of A Lot Carp Pig Snake

Kingsnakes are similar in size and exert twice as much pressure as rat snakes. (See pictures of snakes at National Geographic.)

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Kingsnakes (photo, Florida kingsnake eats a rat) are immune to snake venom, which allows them to eat poisonous species such as rattlesnakes.

Compared to previous measurements of other snakes such as pythons, according to current data, kingsnakes are, pound for pound, the strongest binders in the world, Benin says.

King snakes have an average blood pressure of 180 mm Hg, which is higher than the upper limit of a healthy human’s blood pressure of 120 mm Hg.

“I mean, if you’re experiencing the stress of these king snakes, your heart won’t be able to pump blood—it’s that powerful,” Benning says.

Here’s The Secret To How Snakes Slither

By disrupting the heart and its blood flow, scientists believe that the kidnappers killed their prey, replacing the old theory that they suffocated their victims.

Cold-blooded animals like reptiles, which make up more than a quarter of a snake’s diet, don’t need the same amount of oxygen flowing through their veins as warm-blooded mammals, which allows them to withstand pressure stress longer, Benin says. .

The need to kill reptiles may have prompted the kingsnake to evolve its strongest species. Her grip is good technique: her coil forms a tight coil, while the rat snake’s grip has a loose knot.

A Little Of A Lot Carp Pig Snake

However, scientists should not completely discount the role of muscles in the king snake’s abilities, notes Anthony Herrel, a biologist at the Natural History Museum in Paris, France, in an email. (See pictures: How a python can swallow a crocodile.)

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For example, even though the study species have similar muscle mass, the way individual muscles work can differ in the two snake species, Herrell says.

Benning and colleagues are already doing more research on the snake’s muscles—maybe they’ll uncover more secrets about why the snake is king.

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