A Day In The Life Of A Mechanical Engineer

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A Day In The Life Of A Mechanical Engineer

A Day In The Life Of A Mechanical Engineer

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I chose mechanical engineering because I wanted to pursue a degree that covers a wide range of STEM fields. I was very interested in biomechanical engineering but I’m also a big car enthusiast – studying mechanical allowed me to explore things. I am interested in a wide range of business opportunities.

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On a normal week I expect three full days of lectures. A day in the lab working on my group project. and practical assessments on half-day or business visits. Business trips are really fun. We got to learn some good skills – my favorite trip was the Caterpillar in Peterlee where I got to see the plant and learn how to drill!

My most unusual day is Friday – I lecture in the morning and work on our joint project in the lab with my engineering team in the afternoon. Here is what you will learn if you decide to join us as a mechanical engineering student:

To start the day mechanical speech I was very nervous when I entered university. I didn’t study physics in high school. So I have a problem with the mechanics. Fortunately, the first semester covered the topics covered at a high level and our professors were very good at explaining them. I still enjoy this topic a lot!

A Day In The Life Of A Mechanical Engineer

Then it’s a math lesson. This is your chance to ask your teacher or tutor any questions you may have about the work covered during the week. There are approximately 150 first-year mechanical engineering students this year, which means that having the opportunity to get 1-on-1 assistance from a professor or mentor is very helpful! There are several modules during the study period during the week.

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Return to each hour’s lecture. on average in a week Your contact hour is just a short lecture. Mechanical engineering is a very diverse subject. Therefore, expect diversity in your course. In addition to the lectures and exercises I have already mentioned. There are also lots of hands-on sessions to do, e.g. I completed an electrical engineering workshop where we learned to buy microcircuits! It was a good experience, fun and very challenging because I never thought of studying as a mechanic student. as well as soldering There are many practical skills you will learn that are not just in class. but also useful in everyday life!

Lunch time – an hour break to rest before training in the evening. My favorite place to have lunch is the Quilliam Brothers Teahouse near Haymarket Metro, another option. I recommend having lunch. Sit outside and take in the sights on campus – it’s magical in spring!

Picture the tulips outside the old library where you can sit outside for lunch.

As an engineering student You will learn how to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create digital models for your projects. This is truly an industry skill. Because most engineering companies want you to be comfortable using CAD and digital modeling software. before the working period begins We have a short lecture about the CAD techniques that we can use when building our projects.

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Then we all went to the lab in the Stevenson Building to build a team on our project. My first year group project was to build a small turbine. This was the ‘practical’ part of the degree, and in my opinion the most fun. We started the year by making turbines out of recycled parts. Then improve our design and make another from the new parts. This includes funding for the lab. purchase of spare parts and learning our turbine assembly skills

Two of my teammates and I are available for inspection at the Stevenson Building with the completed turbines.

It’s time to go home I don’t live as close to university as I do at home. But there are many good transport links to and from the city center as well. by subway or bus Makes it easy to spot other parts of the Northeast! Why not head to Tynemouth or Jesmond Dene beaches to relax after a long day of studies?

A Day In The Life Of A Mechanical Engineer

I really enjoyed studying mechanical engineering in Newcastle. It was challenging but really worth it! I learned a lot of practical skills that I had never learned before, and I made good friends. I am very fortunate to be involved in some great extracurricular activities such as street science. and enjoying the ‘Give it a Go’ event Ben Jenkins told us last year about his day job as a coach. Production engineer BEL valve inspection department

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07:30 This morning, I sat down with my boss and looked at today’s work with my training schedule. So I know what needs to be done before the end of the day.

08:00 I begin my training covering the production engineer as he talks to managers and shift workers to see if the first tools are necessary for construction or testing. It’s important to have tools for engineers to work with so they don’t slow down factory production.

We always design and manufacture our own equipment. The valve details we produce are so precise that conventional tools cannot be used.

09:00 Today I want to start designing a device to check valve pressure with CAD software. I work with an information product engineer in the office. So I enjoy getting feedback, advice and approval from my mentor.

A Day In The Life Of A Mechanical Engineering Apprentice

10:00 I’m talking to our warehouse team to get materials for crafting. I made sure I created documentation describing the work required to build the part to the drawing specifications. Then I will send the details to the parts machine shop for you.

11:00 I have to list all the oils on the skin check website. This is important so that we can maintain a high level and avoid the critical task of checking valves.

11:30 I log stock levels on an Excel spreadsheet and place an order for skimmed oil.

A Day In The Life Of A Mechanical Engineer

12:00 I have dinner in the cafeteria with the other students. on campus and we discussed what we had learned that morning.

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12:30 After lunch I went back to the office and started working full time at the paint shop. I had to talk to the paint shop and discuss the job so I could understand what they wanted to explain the process. to be used as a guideline for creating jobs without any changes I’ll include a picture of my work as well.

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